//Getting fit like Muhammad Ali- My jump rope story.

I started jump roping about a year ago. From then on it was pretty much love at first sight. My first rope was a $10 rope I ordered from amazon. At the time, it was challenging and managed to kick my butt on a daily basis. Although no immediate results were seen, I was forming a habit that would forever change my outlook on fitness and what I was capable of achieving with my body. 

Black Friday was rolling around when I saw an ad for a jump rope that seemed pretty cool. I immediately clicked and was in shock to find that this rope retailed for over $100! Nevertheless, I thought it was a cool concept and I was ready for the next level. My first purchase was the get strong set. This set included a pair of handles, a 1 pound rope, and a 2 pound rope.

The very moment I received them, I knew this was something else. My old rope just felt cheap… Literally. This felt like true quality professional ropes. What Muhammad Ali would have used if they were available in his time.

As I started my workout, I quickly realized to my surprise… I was out of shape. The one-pound rope started kicking my butt and I could barely finish my usual workout. The 2-pound rope was just a joke… I could not even complete 30 seconds without my arms feeling like they were about to fall off.  

The next day, I woke up sore… But I got myself out of bed and did it all over again! And then again the next day. In 30 minutes I was getting a workout as I had never experienced before. And I grew up playing competitive tennis. I was no bum. 

Soon after, it started feeling like second nature. The one-pound rope was an extension of my arms and my workouts kept getting more and more intense while at the same time easier. I started incorporating the 2-pound rope more often. The butt-kicking had never stopped with the one pound, but the 2 pound was just as it is… The NEXT level. 

Now, I find myself feeling at home with the 2 pounds almost as much as I do with the 1 pound. The butt-kicking workouts have resumed with my latest addition. A 3-pound rope. It’s green and I call it “The Hulk”- for obvious reasons. 

I get my 30-minute workout in daily almost religiously and have become a lifelong customer of the cross rope brand.  

Crossrope is a complete system. With ropes ranging for any level. I plan to keep on pushing my limits and getting stronger. Up until now, they offer a 5-pound rope. One day!

Till then, I’ll keep getting in the best shape of my life, while having a ton of fun and feeling like Muhammad Ali in his prime!

Check out the ropes I personally used religiously here.


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