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How I own a couple of Porsches and some other luxury cars that PAY FOR THEMSELVES and PAY ME MONTHLY. How YOU can too!

I'm going to tell you EXACTLY how I did it. HOW YOU CAN TOO!

You will know, exactly step by step how to do it as well!

Hey Guys,

This is Nico.. @GoldnMonk.

I want to take a second to acknowledge you for being the type of person you are. For wanting more for yourself because you KNOW that you DESERVE IT!

Ever since I was a young boy I knew that my path would be different in life! It never appealed me to work a job 9-5 job, even if it was something that I would relatively enjoy. All for a paycheck? Six figures? Sure! But at what expense to myself?

As I’ve grown and INVESTED in myself, I’ve come to realize that its worth more to me to REINVEST in myself, rather than working for someone else. And why would I want to do that?? Build someone else’s dream! No way!

Heres a little about where my HUSTLE has brought me:

Since I’ve been a teenager I’ve had different businesses.. I didn’t even REALIZE that they were actual businesses back then, but now that I look back, I’ve come to understand that my entrepreneurial fire has been burning red hot for longer than I can remember.

From reselling candies that I used to purchase at Costco at wholesale cost throughout my schooling… leading me to the point where I became known as the “Skittles Guy”, to the guy selling little baggies of oregano after school… LOL! 😀

I’ve started businesses of all kinds. One that stands out in my memory (that was started with a little financial aid money left over) was importing goods from China, where I then began reselling them online for profit. That business still serves me well.

However, my dreams have always been bigger than going to college, where I would have to sell my soul for  a 9-5 job with a solid salary– of which so many people in our generation are still chasing now. They LIMITED themselves the second they signed that contract.

Based on the fact that you are taking the time to read this email (which I truly, genuinely appreciate), I KNOW that we are cut from the same cloth, and that you believe in yourself.

During college, I spent most of my time studying. Not studying for my classes or reading textbooks, but instead I hunkered down and began figuring out what people of this breed were doing to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

What I found was that people that were able to enjoy their life (meaning both having money and time to enjoy it), had businesses where they exchanged a product or service for their money. NOT THEIR TIME!

This is me now… I own a couple of porsches, amongst other luxury exotic cars… That PAY FOR THEMSELVES & PUT MONEY IN MY POCKET! Yes, you read that right–and guess what– it’s MORE than most of what my college graduate friends are making at their soul sucking 9-5 jobs!

Not because I became rich from my other businesses, but because I figured out how to turn luxury exotic cars, and lower end easily marketable daily drivers  from LIABILITIES into ASSETS.

This is the business I want to share with you. Lots of mistakes have been made along the way, but I’ve learnt from them, and they have taught me how to and MOST IMPORTANTLY how NOT to operate a business like this.

And heres the BEST part. With the right knowledge.. Literally ANYONE & EVERYONE can do, no matter where you financially stand right now!

I think that’s enough for today! However, in the following emails, we’ll be going deeper into the car business, and you’ll know EXACTLY how to do this as well and achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, whilst potentially OWNING YOUR DREAM CAR!

Let me know what you think.

This is a movement, so lets take it to the moon!

Talk soon!

IG: @GoldnMonk

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

I'm going to tell you EXACTLY how I did it. HOW YOU CAN TOO!

You will know, exactly step by step how to do it as well!